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About HookIt By Naturally You
The benefits of Hook It over a conventional wig or cap (quick weave) are:

Units come in singles, twists, and invisible braids.

The most beneficial feature of Hook It is the time saving factor.  Rather than sitting in a salon for over 10 hours, a person that purchases a full unit will only spend a maximum of 4 hours in the salon.  The time to take down is about 30 minutes to one hour.  There is no glue required. You do not need a comb to keep it in place.

The units allow the scalp to breathe (it does not retain heat) and is light weight.  Hair units are reusable.

Each unit is custom hand braided.  Can be made to fit all ages. Units are versatile allowing you to style for just about any occasion.  Units are also customizable for those that want a tailored fit.

And for those that like options you can choose either a full unit (includes top, front, & back), the crown unit (center of head - longest portion of braiding singles), a front & back unit, or any one of the three.

Naturally You Services

* (Price varies depending on length) 

**To make an appointment you will need  to put down a $25 Deposit**

***Cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to appointment***

Children Ages 5 & Under $50 Ages 6-12 $100

Goddess Braids $85 & up

Cornrows $85 & up   No Knot $125 & up

Natural Cornrows (no hair added) $60 & up

Individual Braids (depends on length) $250 & up

Invisible Braids $400 & up

Natural Twist (no hair added) $100 & up

Twist (depends on length) $200 & up

Braid and/or Twist Touch up $75

Extension Dreadlocs  325 & up

Start Dreadlocs $150

Loc Touch Up $85 & up Interlock $100 & up (depending on length)

Loc Style Only $45

Faux Locs $450 & up

Basic weaves $150 & up  Full Weave $225 & up with closure (interlock or lace) $250 & up

Crochet $125, Wig sew in $85

Hook It $399 (must be pre-ordered)

Hook It installation $175

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